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2020 42​nd Legislative District Democratic Endorsement

Letter to 42nd LD Endorsement – 2020

Dear 2020 Candidate​, Congratulations on running for office!

Would you like to request the endorsement of the 42​nd Legislative District Democrats?
You can request endorsement by emailing me your request no later than June 1, 2020.

We are excited to learn more about you and your candidacy, and look forward to your participation in our endorsement process.

We will be using the Whatcom Democrats Candidate Questionnaire​.
We are collaborating with the Whatcom Democrats so candidates will only need to complete a single questionnaire. Make sure you complete this questionnaire as soon as possible. You can contact the Whatcom Democrats here ​​ to request a questionnaire. Additionally, you may submit a statement so that our membership may get to know more about your values and goals. Limit your response to no more than 500 words. Please include a Resume or CV, along with all relevant campaign contact information. Questionnaire responses and your additional submittals will be sent to our Membership Google Group list for review as they are received, starting Friday, 5/15. W​ e will do our best to forward on all questionnaires received prior to the Endorsement Meeting, however we cannot guarantee those received after 5:00 pm on Thursday, 6/4/20.

Please plan to participate in our June 6th Endorsement Meeting via Zoom:

-You may join starting at 9:30am, meeting begins at 9:45 am -Zoom information will be provided around June 1st via email.

All candidates who have requested endorsement consideration (or their representatives), per our bylaws and endorsement rules, will be given the opportunity to address our membership at our June 6th Endorsement Meeting. ​Candidate attendance is highly recommended but not required to be endorsed.

Introductory Speech:
-2 minutes, for each candidate or official campaign representative

Question & Answer Session:
-1 minute response to each membership question provided (3-5 questions provided by the membership), only for candidates in attendance

Closing Speech:
-2 minutes, for candidates in attendance

Other Items of Note:

  • Speaking order is in reverse of how candidacy positions are listed on the Auditor’s website:
  •  A two minute video statement by the candidate is allowed if unable to attend the June 6th meeting – however – the video link/digital copy/flash drive must be received no later than Thursday, 6/4/20 by 5pm. Please contact us ASAP for additional information.
  • All voting is by digital ballot. Once ballot counting has begun, per our Standing Rules for Endorsement, no additional ballots will be accepted.
  • Only members of the 42nd LD Democrats may vote at the endorsement meeting. To be a voting member you must be a Democratic PCO or a voter residing in the 42nd LD who has paid 2020 membership dues at least 14 days before the endorsement meeting.
  • We expect voting members to attend the entire endorsement meeting and evaluate all candidates. Coming to vote for only one candidate is disrespectful to the other candidates and to our endorsement process.
  • One representative from each campaign may observe the tally count.
  • Candidates are evaluated individually. This means our members can vote for all, some or none of the candidates. ​This means multiple endorsements are possible​.
  • Candidates must reach a 60% threshold of total votes to be endorsed.
  • As Chair, I will personally call each candidate with the results of the tally count shortly after the results are official. The results will also be emailed to our membership and posted on our website within 24 hours at: ​
  • All candidates, members and visitors are asked to be courteous and respectful. Inflammatory language or personal attacks during the meeting will not be tolerated and offending candidates/members/visitors will be asked to leave.

    Please review our ​Standing Rules for Endorsement​ and let us know if you have any additional questions:

    Thank you for stepping up to run for office,
    Jamie Douglass
    Chair, 42nd Legislative District Democrats

42nd LD Democrats Meet 9:45am May 2nd Via Zoom

The 42nd LD Democrats will meet via Zoom this Saturday, May 2nd at 9:45am. Login to hear from Marko Liiam, Denny Heck, James Erb and Christine M. Grant who are all running for office this year. Members can request Zoom meeting link by emailing You can become a member of the 42nd LD Dems for $15 by clicking: