Dear Members, 

Thank you all for your continued commitment to this organization and our community. Because of all of you, the 42nd legislative district got rid of its last red smudge as we now have an entirely Democratic slate of legislative representatives. It took countless combined hours, but our coordinated effort proved that we know how to win the necessary votes in our neighborhoods.

With that being said, there are still folks in our district that are not being properly represented at the local and county level. We continue to have representatives that are not willing to take the necessary action to improve people’s lives, and create a Whatcom County that works for everyone. While the 42nd legislative district has been involved in these local races in the past, we are gearing up for full campaign activities focused on retaining and expanding our majority on the County Council, and gaining a Democratic majority of local city councils.

We need your support to make this happen! The Campaign run this upcoming cycle through the 42nd LD Democrats will by far be our most ambitious one yet, with paid staff around the district. With your dues and further donations, we can create the most effective and efficient campaign in the County at the most grassroots level. 

Please pay dues and consider further donations, and please join us at our general meetings at 10am the second Saturday of every month to discuss everything going on in our district.

Always feel free to reach out through email with any ideas, thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns.


Zachary Cohen
Chair, 42nd Legislative District Democrats